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Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
there ymand al potentially they need to check to ÷úmake sure the ro]eñis not Ñ:er @&c% as taken to ÷úthe hospital and witness çsaw that crews çwere preforming advance he çcab u! bypassers by. multiple explosions at fib&zñ because of what çpotentially een combustible items in the çtruck which was ç o fully loaded and çagain still no ç reason, pno explanation for why it çfell off but we are going ç look into that and httry to bri you more çinformation. sal is staying on top d8of the traffic situation so áñwill % eninsula woman was texting mjdt what could be the çfright of k life. "jup)e in palo zvalto with what police want v:the public to ÷úh >> reporter: poliñsay they want to catshdthis guy. happened pin a very public area in u!this parking lot. it was zvdark when it happened. ay the parking cizeis very well çlit. a woman was approached sitting ç in her car in çthis parking lo as ÷ú startled. police say ht11:15 the woman sa she v:was looking down at @<he phone text8iq' she looked up she saw ça man standing nex to bthe ÷úcar. he had v:his çpan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1